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Our History...

From the Past to the Present

Waldo E. Smith began farming the Elba mucklands in 1925. In 1930 his father William Henry, brother Marvin W. Smith and Waldo each purchased 11.7 acre blocks of uncleared marsh. They cleared the land and began farming the virgin soil in 1932.

Waldo's sons Ernest and C. Alfred took over the farming operation in 1953. They continued buying muckland farms specializing in onions and potatoes. In 1962 they built a new packing facility in Albion, NY which provided a new concept - washed potatoes!

Ernest and his three sons, Gary, Greg, and Guy, formed Triple G Farms in 1981. Today, Triple G Farms, Inc. is regarded as one of Western New York's most highly equipped growers, packers and shippers of quality onions and potatoes. Over the years, we have won a multitude of ribbons for our onions and potatoes. In 1996 we received the NYS Vegetable Growers Association Grand Champion Award for our consumer packages of onions.

Our warehouses hold 8000 tons of produce held in 20-bushel boxes to eliminate pressure bruising. We store onions until early May and potatoes through early June. We ship 365 days a year. Our customers are chain stores and major food handlers located throughout the east from Boston to Miami.

1944 - Waldo Smith
with 50# bags of onions which were graded by hand.

1936 - One bushel crates air stacked
to cure onions before storage.

Twenty bushel boxes curing before storage

1937 - Ernie Smith

1993 - Eight row self-propelled onion
harvester. Harvests 20,000 bushel per day.

1994 - Gary, Greg & Guy Smith

1996 - Greg, Gary & Guy
NYS Vegetable Growers Association
Grand Champion Award

- Ernie Smith -
After many years of hard
work, Ernie now enjoys
spending time on the
golf course.

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